New ‘SoakSoak’ Malware Compromises Over 100K WordPress Websites, 11K+ Blacklisted By Google

Earlier this Sunday morning, news broke throughout the WordPress community regarding a widespread malware attack that has already comprised over 100,000 websites and counting. This harmful malware campaign has been brought forth by thus being dubbed the ‘SoakSoak Malware' epidemic.

Those affected by the virus may be experiencing erratic site behavior including unexpected redirects to web pages along with the potential for automatic downloads of malicious files to visitor's computers without consent. Google has already been on top of this infection and has added over 11,000 websites to their blacklist that could have a serious effect on the revenue potential for those site owners.


The infections aren't targeted strictly at WordPress sites, but it appears this is the largest platform that has been infected. According Sucuri, a WordPress security solution, the exact method of intrusion has not been pinpointed at this time although several signals led them to believe many WordPress users could have fallen victim to a recent vulnerability in the premium Slider Revolution plugin.


If you're a site owner and worried about the potential risk of infection to your own website, head over to Sucuri's free site scanner to see whether you are in the clear or if the malware has already burrowed its way into your site.

Source: Sucuri Blog