Major Nelson Tackles Reddit’s Questions About The Xbox One (Video)

Reddit's gaming community got ahold of Microsoft's Director of Programming for Xbox Live, Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson), and pounded him with their most popular questions about the new Xbox One. The console has taken a great deal of heat especially in comparison to the Playstation 4, whom we have seen outdo Microsoft's new product in almost every way (most notably through the pricing and lack of DRM restrictions).

If you're too lazy to watch the 8:38 video here is a basic summary of significant things that were said:

  • Once the Xbox One's servers are shutdown (many years down the road), the Xbox One games are still expected to be playable, but a solid clarification was not present
  • If you get banned from Xbox Live, you will not lose access to playing the games you have previously purchased in any circumstance though your multiplayer capabilities will likely be compromised
  • Someone asked why they couldn't just use the physical game disc instead of needing the 24 hour Internet connection DRM check, Major Nelson responded that the Xbox One was designed with this DRM check to give you flexibility of playing your games anywhere you want (referenced Xbox One's family sharing capabilities) so it will not support this
  • He stated the value the 24 hour DRM check provides is an up-to-date library that will allow you access to your whole game library anywhere and everywhere therefore benefiting us as consumers
  • He clarified that the Xbox One will support HDMI in to allow your cable or set-top box and receive game invites or other Xbox notifications while you're enjoying your cable programming (via the cable box). It will act as an overlay over whatever device connect it to, including the Xbox 360.

Via: Engadget
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