Major Nelson Walks Us Through The New Xbox One Friends App (Video)

Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson posted a new video this morning that highlights the new Xbox Live Friends app on the Xbox One. You can watch the embedded video to see the full walkthrough or view our brief summary below:

  • Live Feed – this area will allow you to see what all your friends are doing, while they are doing it via real-time updates (like Facebook's news feed)
  • My Profile – shows snapshot of profile including gamertag, achievement points, medals, amount of friends, amount of followers, and reputation level. You can also view your recent activity, achievements, and uploaded videos.
  • Friends – view all your friends with a variety of sorting options.
  • View Your Friend's Profiles – see a snapshot of their profile including their number of friends, number of followers, achievement points, and reputation level. You can also view their recent activity, achievements, and uploaded videos.
  • Favorites – you can add your core group of friends or clan members to your “favorites” list to get access to them quickly without needing to scroll through your full friends list. Described by Larry as a snapshot of who you care about most on Xbox Live.
  • Followers – you can now follow your favorite pro gamers or celebrities without the needing to be friends with them. This feature is able to be turned off and your profile made private.
  • Parties – gives you information about the players in your current party

For more information visit the source link below.

Source: Major Nelson