Pandora better watch out as a new streaming music service Magic Radio has officially launched catering to all the music lovers out there looking to listen to their favorite tunes at an affordable price. Unlike Pandora, Magic Radio is subscription based only meaning there is absolutely zero advertising throughout the whole service. The subscription cost runs at $4/month, but they are currently running a 7 day trial for those of you who are looking to test out the service before dishing out any money.

In comparison, Magic Radio boasts more than 15 million songs which is 12 times the amount that Pandora is currently has licenses for. Additionally, with Magic Radio you will be able to make on the fly modifications including changing the tempo of the songs your playing much like a DJ could do. The interface is easy to use and the service will cater to your individual taste in music suggesting new songs based on songs found within your library. You can also create new stations on the go based on things like mood or on certain words like “Coachella” or “Love songs”. So far the service is only available for U.S. customers who are running Android 2.3 or later. It is currently unknown as to whether or not the service will branch out to include iOS devices or possibly a web client in the future, but my guess is that is part of the plan.

You can sign up for the 7-day trial right here, but keep in mind you will be auto-enrolled in the monthly subscription after the trial period is over.

Via: Engadget

Source: Magic Radio