‘MacPhun’ Creative Software Developer Rebrands To ‘Skylum’

If you're into photography, then you've probably heard of MacPhun and their popular editing software Aurora HDR. The editing HDR-focused photo software launched in late November exclusively for the Mac and was created in conjunction with the well-known photographer, Trey Ratcliff.

Since its release, the software has been a favorite among HDR enthusiasts. Many PC users pleaded and begged MacPhun to consider developing the software for Windows as well and they followed through with this request. Additionally, they have produced ‘Luminar' a supercharged photo editor for Mac that scales with your skill level and has launched in beta for PC users.

Here is where the dilemma comes in: they have ‘Mac' in their name yet are no offering software for Windows? Yes, well they were yet this changed as of earlier today. The company's CEO, Alex Tsepko took to their blog to announced that they would be changing the name from MacPhun to Skylum Software.

While their products compete directly with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, Tsepko acknowledged their rival with the utmost respect:

We now have a vision of bringing photographers a truly worthy Adobe alternative. We feel we are among the few companies who can achieve this goal. Adobe is a fantastic company and a well-deserved industry leader. We admire them and our products work within their architecture as plug-ins. But we also have a great team, our own proprietary technology, and the community support to make a dent in that Universe.

For now, the MacPhun website is still up and running although I expect a full transition to Skylum in the next few months.