MacPhun Collabs With Trey Ratcliff For New ‘Aurora HDR Pro’

If you are into the photography scene, particular in the realm of HDR then you are probably familiar with Trey Ratcliff. The man has made quite a name for himself with millions of social media followers and even appearing in a TEDx talk.

A few months back, Trey collaborated with another company called Peak Designs on the ‘Everyday Messenger' a bag designed to be the best photography bag on the market. The Kickstarter campaign was a massive success raising $4.86M in funding from 17,029 backers thus providing Trey's reputation mixed with an outstanding product design will result in plenty of sales.

This morning, Trey's social media accounts buzzed with a brand new HDR software that he has been secretly working on with the software development company MacPhun. Aurora HDR Pro is a brand new piece of software that focuses on bringing the HDR merging and tweaking capabilities of Trey's previously loved PhotoMatrix software with the simplicity and toolset of Adobe's Lightroom.

You can check out the full overview of the software from Trey's YouTube of which I've embedded below, but two important notes about the software:

  1. It is currently available for pre-order starting at $89.99 with the option of a more bundle that includes Trey's presets and video training.
  2. It is Mac ONLY at this time. However, Trey's representatives have confirmed that the software will is planned to be available for Windows machines as well at some point in the future.

Source: Trey Ratcliff