Macbook Air Models Get An Early Spec Refresh and Price Drop

Apple is notorious for carrying out “refreshes” of their current products' technical specifications at least once a year without prior notice. This was the case this morning when the Cupertino-based company released a new line of refreshed Macbook Air models which all see minor performance increases thanks to the addition of the latest Intel Haswell Processors. For example, the entry-level Air model had a 1.3GHz processor just yesterday and as of today it now ships with an updated 1.4GHz Haswell processor. Besides this processor upgrade, the rest of the technical specifications appear to be identical to the previous version.

Additionally, Apple took the changes a step further as they have dropped the prices on all Air models by $100 as of this morning. This means a base 11-inch model now sells for $899 new and the 13-inch models start at $999. This was a nice surprise coming from Apple although you gotta feel bad for anyone who bought a Macbook Air in the past week as they were just short of receiving a spec upgrade as well as a significant price cut.

Source: Apple
Photo Credit: Faheem Patel