The ‘Luna’ Dongle Turns Your iPad Into A Dedicated 2nd Display

The 'Luna' is a USB-C or Mini DisplayPort dongle from the makers of AstroPad that turns your iPad into a reliable wireless external display.

Beyond its standard use as a handheld tablet, Apple's iPad has become a useful tool for many designers and digital media artists when coupled with their Pencil stylus.

Others are looking to utilize the iPad's high-resolution retina display as a dedicated 2nd monitor while on the go, but the current applications on the market rely on old technology resulting in weird scaling, pixelation and latency issues.

This is where a company called Astro HQ has come in and with their line of Astropad digital products which are both appealing to use and responsive.

However, the company has announced their first hardware product dubbed the ‘Luna' which will take their existing technology and improve upon it even further using a Mini DisplayPort or USB-C dongle for a true wireless connection.


The Luna supports both PC and Mac with advanced functionality beyond wireless like Retina support, GPU acceleration, and reliability across all programs.

Currently, Astro is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the Luna's production. The lowest pledge that gets you the necessary Luna hardware comes in at $59.99 (25% off retail) with greater discounts for buying multiple units or a bundle with the Luna hardware alongside a year of their AstroPad Studio subscription.

Via: Kickstarter