LIFX Unveils A Smaller, More Efficient ‘Color 1000’ Smart LED Lightbulb

LIFX reached out to us about six months back and set us up with a review opportunity of their consumer-friendly, smart LED lightbulb. Our findings were positive overall, but the size and price-point were the largest issues thus making it a tough sell over a competitor like the Philips Hue.

Since then, the company has made significant strides in their production department thus being able to significantly cut the retail costs of the bulb and bringing the product into a more affordable light for us consumers. The size issue was still a noticeable problem until earlier today when LIFX announced their new Color 1000 bulb that improves upon the original in several areas.

It features a smaller design based on the A19 body, is capable of 1055 Lumens (previously was 1000) and offers lower energy consumption at only 11W compared to the previous generation's 17W draw. The best part of this new model is that these new bulbs are priced at only $59.99 a piece, almost 40% less than the $99 price-point of the original.

Source: LIFX