LG’s $1.3K Ultrafine 5K Monitor Flawed By Electromagnetic Interference

When Apple announced their new MacBook Pros which ditched conventional ports instead relying only on USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports, LG also announced a pair of companion monitors that were meant to compliment these new models.

Priced at a premium of $1,300 for the 27″ 5K display and $700 for the 21.5″ 4K version, these models were quickly discounted for a promotion to entice new buyers to $975 and $525, respectively. The pricing promotion was a success, and the 5K became the ideal monitor for many creative professionals, happy with the cost savings.

However, more and more consumers are coming out of the woodwork discussing serious problems with electromagnetic interference. Commons symptoms of this include display flickers or unresponsive panel performance including the screen going entirely black. In some cases, the problem was so severe that the Macbook Pro freezes up within minutes and a forced reboot is the only way to regain function.

Upon reaching out to LG, representatives from the company states the LG Ultrafine 5K Display “can become unusable when located within 2 meters of a router.” Wait…what?

Designing a monitor without proper shielding to prevent electromagnetic interference is not something that should happen in this day and age. The thought of paying $1,300 or even $975 and experiencing a major issue like this is ludicrous and reflects poor design from a company who usually is known for excelling in this area.

LG said this issue is not present in the 4K version nor is it happening in any other LG monitors. So anyone looking to pick up LG's Ultrafine 5K monitor, it likely isn't a good idea at this point.

Source: PetaPixel, Arstechnica