LG’s G4 Will Arrive At Most Major US Carriers Next Week

Last month, LG showed off a new G4 in front of a crowd of technology reporters at their NYC unveil event. While the device is still so new, the early reports coming from reputable tech sources are states the G4 is a powerhouse with one of the best cameras in any smartphone today.

Up until now, the G4 hasn't been easy to get your hands on while in the United States although this is subject to change as most major carriers will offer the device starting next week. T-Mobile opened up sales for the G4 via their online store earlier today while Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular are all on board for an early June availability.

Pricing for these carriers is as follows:

T-Mobile: option of $0 down and $25 per month (24 months) or $599.76 outright
Sprintoption of $0 down and $25 per month (24 months), $200 with 2-year commitment or $600 outright
Verizon: option of $0 down and $22.92 per month (24 months) or $550 outright
US Cellular: official pricing has yet to be announced

AT&T is the only big name that we haven't heard from regarding support for the G4 though I'd expect them to make a statement in the next few days.

Image Credit: LG/Flickr
Source: Engadget

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