Are These Leaked Photos Of The iPhone 6? You Be The Judge!

While there has been a large array of chatter about Apple's upcoming release of the iPhone 6, there hasn't been any real concrete information besides some credible rumors. Just this morning, TMZ (yes, the website that is widely known for celebrity gossip) unveiled ‘exclusive' photos they obtained from a ex-Foxconn worker that claims to have smuggled an iPhone 6 out of the factory.

The device in the images does fit many of the rumors including a larger display/design that could potentially be the 5.5-inch model and a curved back that resembles that of the iPad Air. Another interesting observation from the photos is the sleep/wake button normally found on the top of previous iPhone models appears to have been moved to the right side of the device, right above the sim card slot. Besides these three dramatic differences, the device looks a lot like an iPhone 5s with a few minor tweaks although I think we can expect this to be the case when the 6 is officially unveiled.

Do I believe these leaked photos are a real iPhone 6? Truthfully, it is too hard to tell as I really don't have a basis to judge them on. However, I will say the depicted device does fit the circulating rumors and appears to match the same design style that Apple is known for producing. If it does end up being a fake, it looks like someone has far too much time on their hands to create such a clever imitation and they even went as far to come up with an unofficial iPhone 6 retail box.

We will just have to wait until Apple's iPhone 6 event (rumored for September 9th) in order to get the full scoop and validation as to whether these photos are legitimate.

Do you think this is a real iPhone 6? Feel free to leave your thoughts or impressions in the comments section below.

Source: TMZ