Latest ‘Overwatch’ Hero ‘Sombra, New Map & Arcade Mode Makes Way To PTR

BlizzCon 2016 happened last week, and there were some major announcements made to all of the developer's game titles especially their hit FPS, Overwatch.

Among the announcements were a new offensive hero, a new map, and a new arcade game mode. I'll get into each of the changes below, but those interest can give them a try as they just hit the PTR (public test realm) last night and will not roll out within the standard servers until a later date.

New Offensive Hero – Sombra ‘The Hacker.”

Sombra is a unique character who packs a machine pistol that is fully automatic with a short range. She is considered an offensive hero and can poke easily when utilizing a combination of her abilities.

Her first ability is hack which allows Sombra to temporarily prevent/halt opposing heroes from using their abilities or hack medical kits to become ineffective to the other team for a short duration.

The second ability is dubbed thermoptic camo and allows for the Sombra to become invisible for a brief period while boosting her movement speed. Besides a duration limit, players using Sombra's camo ability will leave stealth when attacking or using the ability as well as when damage is taken.

Her last regular ability is translocator which is close to Reaper's teleport ability but differs in a few ways. Sombra will throw a translocator beacon to mark a teleport port then instantly return to that location when triggered.

Finally, her ultimate ability is an EMP that when active sets up an electromagnetic energy field in a wide radius which can destroy enemy barriers or shields and hack all opponents who are within reach.

New Game Mode – Arcade

Not to be confused with the ‘arcade' brawl type, the Arcade game mode offers a variety of rotating game types, rules, and maps which don't fit the guidelines of quick match or competitive play. This includes 1v1s, 3v3s, brawls or special rules like “tanks only'. Experience is earned while playing in the arcade and you'll gain arcade-specific rewards including loot boxes.

New Map – Ecopoint: Antarctica

A brand new fighting grounds based on a former Overwatch installation where Mei was stationed. The map is compact and designed for arena play including 3-on-3 and 1-on-1 elimination modes through the arcade.

Via: YouTube