Kwikset Launches ‘Kevo Plus’, Offers Remote Unlocking

Back at CES 2015, I stopped by the Kwikset booth to see if there was anything new with their Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt. Fortunately, they were showing off their ‘Kevo Plus' add-on that offers remote access and enhanced features. The downside of this announcement was that it was planning to add even more of a cost to the Kevo system, and there were no details in regards to a launch date.

Fast forward nine months later and Kwikset just announced the launch of Kevo Plus this morning for a one-time fee of $69.99. Included with this purchase is a physical Bluetooth Gateway that connects to your home internet router to enable the features that Kevo Plus provides.

Press Release:

Kevo Plus: Kevo Plus adds remote access capabilities and enhanced features to the breakthrough Bluetooth® smart lock, Kwikset Kevo™. Kevo Plus establishes direct, online connectivity to Kevo, allowing users to lock and unlock Kevo from their smartphones from anywhere in the world. All Kevo users will still be able to use the patent-pending Touch-to-Open Technology, which enables users to lock or unlock the door by touching the smart lock if an authorized smart phone is within range.

How Kevo Plus Works: Upon upgrading their Kevo account to Kevo Plus, users will receive a free Bluetooth-enabled gateway that allows for remote locking and unlocking functionality. The gateway plugs into an Internet router with an Ethernet connection, forming a secure wireless interaction between Kevo and the Kevo Plus gateway. When a user activates remote access in the Kevo app, the Kevo Plus gateway communicates seamlessly with the Kevo smart lock via Bluetooth Low Energy to initiate the lock or unlock command. One Kevo Plus gateway can connect to multiple Kevo locks.

Kevo Plus Features

  • Active Lock Status: KevoPlus users can check the status of their lock in the Kevo mobile app or on
  • Remote Locking and Unlocking: Users can lock and unlock Kevo from their smartphones from anywhere in the world if connected to the Internet after upgrading to Kevo Plus on and updating to Kevo app version 1.4 (iOS) or 1.1 (Android)

The Kevo Smart Lock With Keyless Bluetooth Touch System is currently selling for $194.49 on Amazon.

Source: Kwikset