Kwikset’s ‘Kevo’ Smart Locks Finally Offer Unlimited eKeys For Free

When we first evaluated the Kevo Smart Lock by Kwikset back in 2014, the device received high remarks yet was plagued by a high price-point and an e-Key pricing structure that felt like they were trying to nickel-and-dime consumers.

Each lock came with two e-Keys one for yourself and another for your significant other, family member or friend. If you wanted another eKey to assign to someone beyond the first two included, you would have to dish out another $1.99/per key in order to grant access for an extended period (note: temporary 24-hour keys were available for free). While this is a small amount to pay, the cost of the Kevo unit is rather high at $219 so the additional eKey fees were unnecessary.

Despite our negative remarks and many customers who expressed the same feelings towards this policy, Kwikset kept it the same with the launch of their 2nd generation Kevo, a model that sports similar technology with a smaller, more refined design.

However, the day has finally come where Kwikset has reversed this policy and has made unlimited eKeys available to all of their Kevo customers as of yesterday. I received the following email notifying me of the change in policy:

Dear Kevo Owner:

Great news! Now you can send additional eKeys FREE of charge! Starting today, you can send Anytime, Scheduled, or Guest eKeys without ever having to pay a fee!

You gave us your feedback and we listened! Thank you for helping us improve your Kevo experience.

We are also working to make updates to your Kevo App. You can read more about them here:
iOS App
Android App
The Kevo Team

The change is also reflected in the Kevo FAQs section of Kwikset's website:

This change coupled with the fact that you can now get a 1st-gen Kevo for under $140 on Amazon (at the time this article was posted) makes for a much easier sell for the smart-enabled deadbolt system.

Via: Kwikset