Kwikset’s New ‘Kevo Convert’ Smart Lock Available For Pre-Order At $149

Kwikset's line of smart locks is some of the coolest smart-home products on the market these past few years though plagued by a high price-point. For those interested in receiving a similar smart lock experience without the hefty price, Kwikset has opened up for pre-orders on their entry-level model, the Kevo Convert.

Unlike the original Kevo and Kevo 2 models, this utilizes the exterior portion of your original deadbolt and only replaces the back/interior mechanism. This means your original key will work in the deadbolt, but you'll be able to also use the Kevo app on a compatible smartphone to unlock/lock handsfree while within Bluetooth range or anywhere with a valid Internet connection if you sign up for Kevo Plus (for an additional fee).

Check out the product teaser below or visit the Kwikset website for more information or to place your pre-order.

Via: 9to5Mac