Kipon’s EF To MFT Adapter Offers Impressive AF Capabilities

The past 12 months have dawned the year of the mirrorless revolution with more photo and video enthusiasts switching from traditional brands like Canon and Nikon to cheaper, more feature-packed models from Panasonic, Olympus, Sony or Samsung.

For someone who has heavily invested in Canon's ecosystem like myself, this is a tough transition as I literally have tens of thousands of dollars worth of glass in EF mount that I'd rather not part with. Fortunately, there are a number of adapters on the market which offer electronic communication for EF to mirrorless mounts priced anywhere from $99 into the $650 range.

When it comes to video, these adapters are often reasonable easy to work as all you really need is a reliable electronic connection to make aperture adjustments yet for stills, the terrible (or lack of) autofocusing with a third-party adapter makes for a frustrating experience unless you are in a studio environment where you are shooting stationary subjects that are easy to deal with manual focus.

A Chinese company by the name of Kipon has been involved in the camera accessories game for few years now and have just released an EF/EF-S Lens to Micro Four Thirds System (MFT) Adapter that is the first to offer high-speed auto focus performance which is comparable to that on a native Canon DSLR body.


To show exactly how well the AF performs, the company uploaded a YouTube video showcasing the fast auto focusing in a real-world situation:

The company has begun selling these adapters on eBay for $285 as of May 10th. While they do boast full electronic communication with MFT bodies, they do not have any focal reducing element and remain a standard mount so the crop factor is not decreased like it would be with a Metabones Speedbooster S.

Source: Kipon