‘Kinect Sports: Rivals’ Removed As Xbox One Launch Title, Will Now Ship In 2014

The Xbox One announcement showcased many exciting games for the new platform and introduced us to several launch titles that would ship the same day as the console's release. One of these titles was Kinect Sports: Rivals, a sequel to the previously popular Kinect Sports titles. Rivals‘ launch trailer looks promising and showcases sports including soccer, climbing, jetski racing, target shooting, bowling, and tennis.

Unfortunately, a Microsoft Representative has announced recently that the Rivals title will be delayed from its initial launch date and pushed back to a 2014 release. The reason for this change is so the developer Rare, can have extra time to polish and finalize the title so it can be released without compromising the overall quality of the game. You can still pre-order Kinect Sports: Rivals online as of now, but the new release date has not been finalized at this time so stay tuned for more information as it is released.

Source: Polygon