Kim Dotcom’s ‘MEGA’ Cloud Service Officially Exits Beta

Kim Dotcom is an interesting character who made national news in January 2012 when his multi-million dollar company, MegaUpload was shut down by the federal government. Dotcom has been involved in a harsh legal battle, but that hasn't stopped him taking the time to build a new online storage service called MEGA.

MEGA launched in a beta back in mid-January which had an initial growth rate of 100k users per hour. The service offers an ultra-competitive free tier which provides users with 50GB of cloud storage without even needing to enter in any credit-card information.

The company announced the major news of their beta exit earlier today on their blog. Here is what you can expect from the official MEGA release:

  • Faster site performance
  • New user interface
  • Local caching
  • User avatars
  • Improved content management
  • New tree panel navigation
  • Improved file transfers
  • Firefox extension

MEGA is also expecting to release an official iOS app later this month (it has already been filed with Apple) and a Windows client that automatically syncs with your storage account. Future 2014 plans for the service include an encrypted messaging service as well as an encrypted real-time chat feature that will support secure audio and video calling.

The final pricing figures are as follows:


50GB of storage

10GB of bandwidth Pro 1

500GB of storage

12TB of bandwidth

99.99(EUR)/year or 9.99(EUR)/month Pro 2

2TB of storage

48TB of bandwidth

199.99(EUR)/year or 19.99(EUR)/month Pro 3

4TB of storage

96TB of bandwidth

299.99(EUR)/year or 29.99(EUR)/month

You can learn more by visiting the source link below or signing up for your own free MEGA account.

Via: Engadget
Source: Mega Blog