Kickstarter’s Avegant Glyph Wants To Be Your “Mobile Personal Theater” (Video)

There's no doubt that wearable technology is making a push to become part of our daily lives. Several visual technologies are currently being developed which will be released to the masses such as Google Glass and the highly anticipated Oculus Rift. Augmented visual hardware is slowly becoming implemented into our world, but whether or not it will catch on is a different story.

A new Kickstarter project has emerged from Avegant, a company that's serious about integrating their visual hardware in your lives. They have just Glyph product is an interesting concept which combines a pair of headphones with a flip down screen (which is built into the headband) in order to create a virtual theater. Now what makes this project appealing is that it's not just for the tech-savvy or for virtual reality gamers, but for everyday people. The Glyph looks like a pair of headphones that you can use on your daily commutes or if you're dancing around the house. It comes with an HDMI cord to attach to any computer or TV screen and it can be plugged into your phone for those who watch videos on the go.


Avegant's Glyph uses a “Virtual Retinal Display” that harnesses one million micromirrors in each eyepiece to create a sharp and vivid picture which reflects back into your retina. The Glyph also utilizes noise-cancelling technology to block out any unwanted sounds.

The project has reached 200% of its' initial goal and still has 28 days left. The price for one of these mobile theaters aren't cheap; they're going for $500. If you're looking to spend money on a pair of premium over-ear headphones or really are interested in getting a pair, don't be afraid to check out the Kickstarter page and help back the creators and developers.

Source: KickStarter