Kickstarter Campaign Opens For Laowa 12mm f/2.8 ‘Zero’ Distortion Lens

Over the past few years, Venus Optics has been producing high-quality, fully manual lenses for various mounts while maintaining affordable price-points. Some of you may remember their Laowa 15mm f/4 Macro Lens which achieved great press due to it being the widest full-frame macro lens that has ever reached the market.

Fast forward time and we now have yet another first from the company, a 12mm f/2.8, full-frame lens designed to eliminate nearly all barrel distortion straight out of the camera. It achieves this by utilizing sixteen lens elements split into ten groups with three Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) elements and two Aspherical Elements. Venus claims the combination of these elements offers both corner-to-corner sharpness and minimal chromatic aberration.

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Built like a mirrorless lens, the Laowa 12mm weighs a mere 609g which is nearly 40g lighter than Canon's 14mm f/2.8 which costs a whopping $1150 more while not being as wide and suffering from notable barrel distortion.

So far, the campaign has surpassed $304K with 28 days remaining, the discounted units are going quick so act fast if you want to score a deal on this innovative new lens.

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Sample Shots

For more information and sample images, visit their Kickstarter campaign page.