Kickstarter Campaign Launches For Multi-Platform Lacrosse 14 Title

Kickstarter is becoming the breeding ground for many successful ideas that are able to come to life thanks to the ultra-popular crowdsourced funding platform. A prime example of this would be the Pebble Smartwatch, a idea that sought only $100,000 in funding, but wound up with a whopping $10,266,844 when their funding period ended.

A project called Lacrosse 14  has just started their funding efforts as of October 14th and are hoping to finish with a fraction of the success that the Pebble was able to achieve. The campaign was started by Carlo Sunseri, the founder of Crosse Studios whom is responsible for developing XBLA hits like College Lacrosse 2010, College Lacrosse 2011, College Lacrosse 2012, NLL Lacrosse 2010, NLL 11 Lacrosse, and the iOS app Lacrosse Dodge.

The funding campaign is running until November 15 and is in seek of $210,000 (currently at $34,797) in exchange for a full-fledged lacrosse title that will be available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. According to the launch video, Crosse Studios has teamed up with Big Ant Studios, the game studio responsible for past console titles such as Rugby League Live, Rugby League Live 2, and World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars. This partnership will help perfect the title and include advanced features such as high-quality graphics, online multiplayer, in-depth character customization, and much more.

Here is what Carlo Sunseri stated on the Kickstarter campaign page:

“The staff at Crosse Studios has demonstrated a unique passion for lacrosse and the relentless desire to succeed for lacrosse players everywhere.  Big Ant Studios is tried and tested, proving itself as a top-tier and innovative sports video game studio.  Together with the lacrosse community, we will create an amazing and revolutionary interactive experience.  The time for a lacrosse video game is now.”

Although my opinion is a bit biased as I was previously involved with the sport, I think lacrosse is long overdue for a quality multi-platform game title. With nearly every other sport already having a popular game franchise (FIFA, Madden, NBA Live, Tiger Woods, Nascar, MLB, UFC, etc.), lacrosse has the right to join them especially when statistically it is the fastest growing sport.

Check out the campaign video below to see exactly what's in store for Lacrosse 14:

You can visit the official Lacrosse 14 Kickstarter campaign to learn more or make your own funding contribution.

Source: Kickstarter