Judge Orders Typo Keyboards To Pay BlackBerry $860K For Copyright Infringement

When Ryan Seacrest's Typo Keyboards entered the mobile accessory market just over a year ago, it was easy to tell a lawsuit from BlackBerry seemed inevitable. The product blatantly ripped off the BlackBerry's signature keyboard design with a near identical reproduction and within weeks, BlackBerry had followed through with a suit that they ultimately ended up winning.

Since then BlackBerry has taken Typo to court yet again after discovering the company still made two bulk sales transactions and 100 warranty replacements even after the court ordered them to cease all commercial activity on the original Typo model. A second lawsuit was then issued seeking $2.6 million in damages plus compensation in return for its lawyer fees.

As of today, the Judge has ruled in BlackBerry's favor yet again although Typo Keyboards is only responsible for paying $860,000 in penalties. You might be wondering if this is stopping the Seacrest-owned company from selling their updated Typo 2 models, Recode got hold of a company rep who stated the ruling “has no impact on the Typo 2 product currently in the marketplace or other planned product releases for the tablet.

For those who are interested, check out the Typo 2 for the iPhone 6 on which is currently being sold on Amazon for $99.

Source: Recode