Jay Z’s ‘Tidal’ Streaming Service Is Facing A Class-Action Lawsuit

When Jay Z unveiled an online streaming service of his own, he touted the company on a “for the artist, by an artist” mindset. This meant that the unofficial king of rap would be improving all the trouble points from the standpoint of a musician offering their tracks on a competing streaming service in which he and other modern artists had experienced in the past.

With the Tidal service has experienced both ups and downs in its sixteen-month history, rumors have been circulating recently that Samsung is potentially in talks with Jay Z as to buying up the service. A plausible story considering their biggest competitor, Apple, had acquired the ‘Beats By Dre' franchise and ‘Beats Music' service for a whopping $3B just a few months after Tidal opened its doors.

However, some negative news has just surfaced today referencing a new class-action lawsuit filed over the weekend against Tidal and its owners, from a Yesh Music, LLC. The lawsuit has claimed that Tidal has been streaming 116 tracks within its library for an extended period without returning any royalties to the original artists or its management.

While there is likely a long process as to whether this lawsuit will carry any merit in court, it isn't good publicity for Tidal especially when it vows to be the ideal online platform for artists to make money.

Source: Complex