Last week, we touched upon how to keep from accidentally buying an in-app purchase on your iOS device. Many people have been complaining how easy it is for these ‘in-app purchases' to happen especially since so many children under the age of 10 are getting their hands on their parent's iOS devices. Apple has realized this issue and has finally made steps into resolving it, likely due to several recent lawsuits and outrage over how the ease of unintentional in-app purchases.

As of today, anyone looking at an iOS app page through the iTunes Store will see a disclaimer stating “Offers In-App Purchases” under each title of an application that has any type of in-app purchases contained within it. This is a positive step in the right direction, but oddly enough the disclaimers do not appear on the most used platforms for downloading apps. By this I mean you will NOT get the disclaimer when browsing the App Store via your iOS device, the desktop application, or viewing the iTunes store via web links.

Apple putting forth an effort to do something about the issue is nice to see, but the execution is extremely poor at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised to see the disclaimer expand throughout the rest of the platform in the near future, but we can only hope.

Source: Engadget