Everything To Know About The iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate” (Video)

Apple has impressed many with the release of their larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models yet one issue with the larger 5.5-inch version is stirring a viral outrage. While it is only affecting a very small percentage of iPhone 6 Plus owners, some are reporting the accidental bending of the device from normal use such as storing the phone in a tight pants pocket.

When I initially heard the story, I immediately thought well this must be caused by someone putting the device in their back pocket and accidentally “sitting” on it which in this circumstance makes sense for it to bend. As I read on further, it appeared most of the reports state the owner had the device in their front pocket thus presenting an entirely different problem. Consumers who purchased the more expensive iPhone Plus model (like myself) are obviously concerned and worried to hear such claims.

However, there are many factors you need to remember regarding this situation, and YouTube's MKBHD (aka Marques Brownlee) covered these in an excellent way:

Here is the summary of the important points regarding Bendgate:

  1. The original iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test video showcases how the phone reacts when immense, intentional pressure is applied. The iPhone 6 Plus was NOT designed to withstand this type of pressure so it does in fact bend as expected.
  2. The iPhone 6 Plus is not the first device to experience a problem with bending. The iPhone 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy S4, and the Sony Experia Z1 have all had numerous reports of bending under high pressure.
  3. The amount of people actually experiencing a bending issue with their device is minuscule. Keep in mind, Apple sold over 10 MILLION devices over the first three days. This issue is estimated to be affecting less than a hundred users.
  4. Apple likely WON”T be doing a recall of these devices because it will cost them far more money than just replacing the these bent devices for free at the Apple Store or through the mail.
  5. The average iPhone 6 Plus user will not experience any bending throughout the lifetime of the device's ownership.
  6. Equipping a case will further increase the structural integrity of the device (at the expense of some bulk) and therefore help to prevent the potential for bending.

The moral of this story is yes, the iPhone 6 will bend under extreme pressure. However, in 99.9% of cases your device won't experience this pressure during a traditional life-cycle and the risk of bending is far less than the media makes it out to be. Should your device become bent, you should expect Apple to deal with the issue accordingly and offer up a replacement as long as it is still under warranty.

Source: YouTube