Introducing The Torso, A Kickstarter Campaign For An Ultra-Portable Charging Solution (Video)

In the past, Kickstarter has brought forth some amazing tech products including the Pebble Smart Watch, Oculus Rift, and the upcoming Avegant Glyph. Next up is the “Torso” an ultra-portable cable for iPhone and Android users that features a bendable wire skeleton and offers maximum flexibility. To get a better understanding of what the Torso has to offer, check out the launch video embedded above.

The design may look familiar to some of you and that's because it is the same concept from a previously successful ‘Twig' Kickstarter which the Torso inventor, Jason Hilbourne, was also responsible for. The campaign sought out $50,000 in funding and has already reached $57,704 as of the time this article was written. There is only 4 days remaining so be sure to get your money in if you'd like to fund the Torso and snag one for yourself. It is only $15 for the Micro-USB version (Samsung Galaxy & other Android Phones), $19 for the 30-pin variant (iPhone 4/4s), and $23 for the Torso lightning edition.

We received a sample Micro-USB unit at CES and have been pleased with the product. It is a handy little accessory to bring during travel or on-the-go situations and it fits nicely in a pants pocket, purse, or backpack. The build quality is high and the flexibility allows for a variety of adjustments to suit all types of scenarios. If you're feeling the concept and want one for yourself, be sure to fund it via this link.