Introducing Coin, A Universal Card To Help Slim Your Bulky Wallet

A few days ago, a new startup called Coin unveiled their launch video and it quickly went viral throughout social media and news sites. What exactly is a “Coin” you may be wondering? It actually has nothing to do with physical coins, but instead is a universal card that's capable of storing all the traditional cards you'll typically find within a wallet or purse within a single all-in-one device. This includes credit cards, debit cards, loyalty card, or even gift cards. Best of all, a Coin is the same dimensions as a standard credit card (80.5 mm x 54 mm x 0.84 mm).

Screen-Shot-2013-11-17-at-1.38.30-PMYou can switch between the stored cards via a simple button and import new cards through a separate smartphone attachment. According to the Coin's FAQ section, it is clearly stated that a smartphone is not required for use although those who have Android or iOS devices will have the option to run their official app which provides advanced features and offers Bluetooth tracking technology to notify you if you happen to forget your card at a restaurant or business.

Those who are looking to pick up a Coin for themselves can pre-order the device immediately via their website although units will not ship until Summer 2014. If you choose to get your pre-order in now, you'll receive a 50% discount bringing the price down to $50 (limited quantities available at this price) instead of the $100 price tag that it will sell for at launch. Their current plans include a sole “midnight” black color option, but their website says they will likely offer more color options later on.

Check out the source link below for pre-order information or to get more information.

Source: YouTube, Coin