New Instagram Update Adds Video Uploading To Mobile Apps

Instagram is one of the top social networks that is mobile orientated, but has faced some serious competition over the past few months with opponents such as Vine coming out of the woodwork. In order to better compete, Instagram added video capabilities just a short time ago, but this only allowed you to record and upload real-time video. As of yesterday, Instagram pushed out a new mobile update which allows both real-time video capture as well as uploading of previously shot videos.

This can open up a new realm of potential for Instagram users as you now have the ability to post old videos, well-edited promos, YouTube rips, professionally shot sequences (using real dedicated video cameras), and 3D generated media. I expect famous YouTuber's like Freddie Wong to take advantage of this platform for promoting his channel and giving sneak peeks of his new work. Small business and large brands alike can use this feature as a way of promoting new products or services especially within the teen/young adult demographic. Instagram is now capable of being an excellent platform for showing off teaser scenes from upcoming movies and sparking discussion within the comment section below.


This feature puts Instagram at a competitive advantage in comparison to Vine, but personally think it lacks the “revine” capability which boosts the audience of your uploaded videos greatly and has been a huge hit with the Vine community. I would expect Instagram to integrate a similar “regram” feature within the near future especially due to the new video upload capabilities.

I'd also like to point out that from my experience this new video uploading feature is still very buggy. I have tried uploading a recent time-lapse sequence probably a dozens of times, but the app crashes every time I choose which video I want to upload. I'm sure Instagram is aware of this issue and is working to push out an updated version that fixes the issue shortly so don't get discouraged if the same problem is happening to you.

Via: TechCrunch
Source: iTunes