Instagram Debuts ‘Hyperlapse’ An App To Simplify Time-lapse Videos

Instagram has done a great job updating their app with new features and functionality over the past few years, but their latest change involves downloading a whole separate application. Titled ‘Hyperlapse by Instagram‘ the app is now available for download in the iOS App Store, but there is no Android version just yet.

Hyperlapse takes a pretty basic concept and simplifies it. For decades people have loved the idea of capturing a time-lapse. Whether it be of a sunset or an assortment of traffic, these types of videos often have a cool, unique outcome that is why it is used regularly in TV shows and movies. The problem with time-lapses is that they used to require special equipment that can cost thousands of dollars. When you add motion into the mix like walking down a street, it would require an expensive stabilization system to keep the footage smooth enough to watch.

Fortunately, breakthroughs in technology have allowed for time-lapses to be shot on more affordable consumer electronics such as Apple's iPhone for a mere fraction of the price. Just a few weeks ago, Microsoft engineers were able to come up with an advanced solution of stabilizing GoPro camera footage which ironically was also dubbed Hyperlapse.

Instagram took this idea and ran with it as Hyperlapse's sole purpose is to simplify the art of time-lapse and allow everyday consumers the ability to record their own with only 2 button taps needed. Furthermore, a unique stabilization algorithm that keeps footage appealing no matter regardless of a shaky camera operator. At this point, the app's functionality is somewhat limited only allowing you to adjust the playback speed (from 1x-12x) once you have stopped recording without any option to add filters or trim up extra frames.

Download it for yourself and give it a test drive. Here's a quick test of Hyperlapse that I just shot a few minutes ago: