A current Indiegogo campaign called the ‘Breathometer' is trying to make any wild nights out drinking just a bit safer. The product is essentially an aftermarket attachment which plugs into your existing smartphone's headphone jack and will turn the device into a functional breathalyzer. The company's intentions are to help more people realize when they are over the limit and unable to drive. They hope by establishing this, they will make the conscious decision to call a cab instead of making a potential fatal mistake to attempt to drive while over the legal limit.


I personally think the whole concept is an excellent idea, especially considering most consumer level breathalyzers on the market are too bulky to bring along with you in a real life situation. The fundraising is currently in progress via an Indiegogo campaign in which contributors can give $100 or more to receive their own Breathometer at some point this summer or you can give as little as $20 to receive one at a later date which is currently anticipated to be around early next year.

The Indiegogo campaign ends April 16th, but you can still reserve your own Breathometer until then from this link. If you're just looking for more information on the Breathometer, visit their official website to see all the latest details.

Source: TechCrunch