Images Of Amazon’s Unannounced Touchscreen Echo Leak Online

The Internet is notorious for being full of rumors and speculation, but in the tech world much of this ends up being true. Yesterday, leaked images came forward of a supposed touchscreen version of the Amazon Echo originally posted on AFTVnews.

From a design standpoint, it is rather ugly offering a bulky shape that somewhat resembles a traditional tube TV. With a 7-inch touchscreen display integrated into the design, there are noticeably large bezels that house a front-facing camera (a page taken directly from the Echo Look) as well as a large speaker.

While the original image leaked image was a low resolution, it was touch to decipher all the visual details. Fortunately, EVleaks was on the case and quickly supplied HD images to the public depicting the same device:

Amazon has yet to give any official statement on the leaked pictures or announce any touchscreen Echo. If these rumors and leaks are true, we expect it to be made official shortly with pricing and release details.

UPDATE (5/9/17): Amazon officially announced the ‘Echo Show' today at a retail price-point of $229 offered in black and white color variations. It offers similar Alexa-based functionality to their standard audio-based Echo line, along with a built-in camera (like the Echo Look) and a 7-inch touchscreen for streaming video content and video chatting (mobile device support through the Alexa mobile app). Click here to see the full product page on Amazon.

Via: Engadget