Hulu Ending Free Streaming, Transition To Subscription Only Model

As the video streaming market began nearly a decade ago, Hulu has always been a major player thanks to partnerships with many major networks and their free ad-supported access to many well-known TV shows.

In addition to their free option, Hulu Plus has been their ‘premium' subscription-based tier which offers a greater variety of content for both television and films while adding the ability to pay a few bucks to receive no additional advertising.

Recently, the company has decided that this freemium model is outdated and will transition to subscription only plan like rival Netflix has been successfully operating under for years. The plans will remain the same as their current offerings (sans the free version) with a $7.99 ad-supported tier and an $11.99 commercial-free variant.

On the other hand, Yahoo (who is in the process of being acquired by Verizon) will be picking up a distribution deal with a new service called Yahoo View. Under this new platform, users will be able to stream five of the most recent episodes of select shows from ABC, NBC, and Fox although these episodes won't be made available until eight days after their original air date.

Via: Engadget