For those of you who cannot get enough Facebook in their daily lives, you're in luck as the new Facebook Home app will transform your Android phone into a fully integrated Facebook platform. The Home app will be available for download on April 12th for US users running the Android Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich OS (no Gingerbread support is expected). International users will receive access to the application at a later date.

htc-first1The Facebook Home app will come as an update through the most recent Facebook App or Messenger found on Android. By installing the Home app, you will be able to transform your mobile home screen to become a ‘cover feed' which is a constant feed of stories and photos that are constantly updated from you existing Facebook account. Though using Facebook Home will take the primary focus off your apps and regular OS features, you will still have access to these apps and features as they are only one swipe away.

Another big announcement is the release of the HTC First, which will be the first mobile device to ship with Facebook Home preloaded on it. The First will be available in four colors which are black, white, red, and blue.  It will also come standard with AT&T LTE support and feature a 4.3-inch display. The chassis is smooth and curved to give off an sleek appeal. Internally, you will find a Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon 400 chipset to give the HTC First some decent power.

The release date for the HTC First will also be on April 12th with a retail price of only $99 along with the signing of a new 2 year contact. The smartphone is available for preorder starting today.

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