HTC Permanently Cuts Vive VR Headset Cost By $200

When Oculus announced their significant price cut to their Rift Touch Bundle, it was only a matter of time before HTC acted accordingly or their Vive model was going to be a tough sell for new VR gamers.

The day has finally come and HTC announced a permanent discount of $200 on their Vive Headset which makes it only $100 more than the Rift/Touch combo or $200 more if you were able to snag a bundle during the Oculus summer sale.

In addition to HTC's discounted savings, each purchase still comes with some free VR titles like Everest VR as well as the hand controllers and room sensors.

The company told Engadget that the discounted sale is not about clearing existing inventory and it is a merely a competitive move to remain relevant against their largest competitor.

Electronics retailers like Amazon are already selling the popular VR peripheral for the new lower price so those interested can take advantage right away.

Via: Engadget
Source: Vive