How To Easily Clean Up Your Email & Unsubscribe From Obnoxious Mailing Lists For Free

It is not uncommon to find yourself signing up for new service and then getting blasted with email spam from the company's mailing list. This can be annoying and cumbersome to your productivity as sorting through the countless promotions often takes a considerable amount of time.

Thankfully, there is an easy and free way to carry out a mass unsubscribe from all these unnecessary email lists while keeping the ones you are actually interested in receiving. This service is called and its sole purpose is to help you efficiently sort through your email subscriptions without the hassle of manually doing it yourself.

As of right now, the service supports the following email clients:, Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live, GMail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, & iCloud. In order to take advantage of the, just visit the website and click “Get Started Now”. After that you'll be lead through a series of pages with instructions of how to proceed. You will need to log into your email and give the service permission to use your email although it will not send any emails without your permission and is safe.

Once the service logs into your email scans through you inbox to discover your email lists, you'll be able to get to the good part which involves unsubscribing from all the bloat.


As you scroll down through the email lists that were linked to your account, you can choose from one of the following actions:

Add to rollup – this option will put future emails from this mailing list in a “rollup”. A rollup is sent once per day and is a single bulk email broken down into all the emails that were sent from mailing lists within that time period
Unsubscribe (recommended) – as you'd expect this option will remove you entirely from the email list and immediately stop all future emails from this mailing list
Do nothing  if you decide to do nothing then you will continue to receive all the emails from that particular mailing list just like you were before using

After unsubscribing from a certain number of lists, you'll be asked to invite friends (via email) or share on social networks to “unlock” more use of the service. I was only required to do this once and I just chose to “like” on Facebook as it was the least intrusive and the quickest way to get past this barrier.

I hope this useful service treats you well thus saving time and adding convenience in the future!

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