‘House Of Cards’ Gets The Green Light From Netflix For A Third Season

House Of Cards is arguably the best original series from Netflix and has grown a huge following after the release of the first season. The popular video online streaming is on the verge of releasing its second season of the show which is planned to début on February 14th.

While many hardcore House Of Cards fans are left waiting for the next 9 days until the next season goes live, there is a new announcement regarding the series that is pleasing to hear. As of today, Netflix has confirmed the approval of a third season for the hit show starring Kevin Spacey and filming will begin in the near future. This type of announcement was rather unexpected given the second season is yet to air and no statistics are available on the success of the second season, but this proves how influential a first season can be.

For those of you who haven't gotten the chance to watch the first season of House Of Cards, I'd suggest taking advantage of the free 30-day Netflix trial. That way you'll have plenty of time to watch the pilot episode (frankly 30 days is enough to finish the entire first season) and decide whether the show is worth taking on the monthly subscription cost.

Source: Twitter