Horror Survival Game ‘Dead By Daylight’ Launches On Xbox One & PS4

Horror survival titles have become a bit hit as of late thanks to the release of Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, titles that both pit a group of survivors in a cooperative match against a single killer in a race to escape before uncertain death.

Dead by Daylight was the first to launch in an early access state a year ago for PC gamers but now faces intense competition in the space from Friday the 13th which landed on both PC and consoles as of its official launch.

While the team behind Dead by Daylight has planned for a console release, this launch was likely pushed up due to the looming rival title, so the company announced an official release of Dead by Daylight on the Xbox One and PS4 as of this morning.

The console version is the ‘Special Edition' meaning that it includes all the current Steam DLC for $29.99 sold in both digital and physical formats through each console's digital store or your traditional brick-n-mortar video game retailers.