High Demand Overloads Streaming Servers For Mayweather/McGregor Match

Last night, arguably the biggest boxing match to have ever taken place happened as an undefeated boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather duked it out with UFC champion, Connor McGregor. While it wasn't your traditional fight as McGregor is not a professional boxer, the massive egos and hype caused a huge influx of people dished out the $99 charge to watch the match live on Pay-Per-View TV or to stream it online.

However, these services did not prepare themselves for the sheer scale of an event this size, and the infrastructures behind the viewing experience crumbled with the high demand.

While traditional cable and satellite providers had some hiccups including Comcast, Atlantic Broadband, and Frontier, the real serious issues happened on Showtime and UFC's online applications which suffered from unresponsive servers, login problems and performance issues while streaming.

I ordered the fight on UFC Fight Pass, and their server went down only one preliminary fight in and stayed down for the entirety of the night with no access to the UFC website or backend.

While the UFC acknowledged and apologized for the problem, the best they could come up with was directing their paying customers to other services after theirs failed them:

As more and more ditch traditional cable/satellite services, will streaming providers be able to keep up with the demand? This is a great example that proves maybe they aren't as prepared in regards to the necessary backend infrastructure as we all thought and I'm sure it will act as a learning experience for many companies.

Source: ESPN, Twitter