HBO Content Is Now Available For Streaming Via Sling TV

With hit shows like Game Of Thrones, Girls, True Detective, and Silicon Valley, it is no surprise that HBO's popularity has remained strong despite the constant push to cut ties with traditional cable subscriptions. Up until recently, those who ditched cable were left in the dust as HBO did not offer their own standalone streaming options.

Two days ago, the company launched HBO Now, a standalone streaming service for streaming HBO content that doesn't require a cable subscription. The largest caveat to the launch of this service is that HBO has an exclusive contract with Apple for the first three months which means you can only access HBO Now from Apple-branded devices.

To much surprise, Sling TV announced a partnership with HBO starting today with the ability to stream HBO content from a wide variety of Sling TV compatible devices. These include the Xbox One, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android devices, and more.

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Unlike HBO Now which costs $14.99 per month as a standalone service, HBO access through Sling TV requires the base $20 per month plan in addition to an extra $15 per month for access to HBO content. This brings the total monthly cost to enjoy HBO content to $35 per month although you get access to a slew of other networks like the History Channel, HGTV, A&E, Travel Channel, ESPN, CNN and ABC Family.

A summary of the HBO add-on package taken from the Sling TV website.

This requirement makes it a significantly a higher premium than HBO Now, but it is within reason. I see it as a no-brainer for anyone who is convinced enough to ditch their cable subscription and enjoy the various benefits the base Sling TV plan offers and now still retain access to HBO. It also acts as a temporary workaround for someone who wants to sign-up for HBO Now, but doesn't own an Apple device (Sling TV requires no long-term commitment).

It is important to note that Sling TV has a strict policy that only allows one active stream per account thus meaning you can't share it with family or friends who then can also use the service simultaneously. However, with the HBO content, Sling TV and HBO have come to an agreement that allowed up to three simultaneous streams of its content at once.

Those interested in testing the Sling TV service with HBO access can sign-up for a free 7-day trial, which is risk-free as long as you cancel your account before the trial period is up (this can be done so through the website, not hassle for cancellations).

Via: LifeHacker
Source: Business Wire