Harmonix Teams Up With Oculus For ‘RockBand VR’

The Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises have been wildly successful in merging the gaming scene with the music world. Their previous titles allow both competitive and cooperative play with great replayability thanks to DLC content.

Harmonix is the development company responsible for both franchises, and they have just announced their plans to team up with Oculus to produce a new title dubbed Rock Band VR.

Unlike previous versions, the player will be able to become the “rock star” with the ability to play their instrument from a viewpoint of their on-stage character and interact with bandmates as well as the crowd thanks to the virtual reality technology supplied by the Oculus Rift.

An announcement like this is significant for both companies, but landing support from a popular franchise like Rock Band is a huge step forward for Oculus since their Rift system is far from reaching the mainstream that it will need to survive in the long-term.

Source: YouTube