Grand Theft Auto Online Is Now Live…Well Not Exactly

Rockstar Games really outdid themselves when it came to the single player campaign of their latest title Grand Theft Auto 5. It features a strong story line, improved game mechanics, and all the great aspects of the GTA series that we have grown to love over the years.

Now the multiplayer component of the new GTA V title is called “Grand Theft Auto Online” and even though the game launched several weeks ago, the online support did not open for play until this morning at 7am EST. Rockstar really caused a stir in the gaming community debuting a trailer for GTA Online yet holding back its availability for a few weeks after the game's launch which left many gamers feeling antsy to get a chance to cause havoc in the open world with their friends.

Just last week, Rockstar gave their customers fair warning that due to the massive influx on users whom will be trying to use the GTA Online, there is bound to be some series bugs and glitches that will make the first days of play rather unpleasant. Unfortunately, this is the truth as GTA Online launched this morning, but the vast majority of users are complaining about connection issues, game freezes, gameplay glitches, and some users have even come forward saying the GTA Online glitches corrupted their campaign game saves.

Here is Rockstar's official word on the matter at hand:

As for my personal experience, I loaded up GTA V this morning not realizing the server issues and was met with an unfortunate “Rockstar cloud servers are not available right now” message. It then allowed me to customize my online character while “offline”, but said I couldn't go any further until the servers were restored. Due to this, I switched to single player and about 15 minutes later. a notification in the bottom left of my screen popped up saying that my online character was now playable. I switched back to the online to find my previously customized character data was lost and I was forced to remake my character from scratch.

This time around, I was able to start the online and watched the long (and rather annoying) cutscene with Lamar picking my mute character up from the airport and driving to the first race challenge. Unfortunately, from there I experienced glitch after glitch which wouldn't allow me to enter the cars to race nor could I do much else. I was able to initiate a police chase however the HUD would not display so it was a pain to evade as I had no clue where I was going or whether I still had a wanted level.

In the end, the Grand Theft Auto Online may be “live”, but in reality I wouldn't expect normal, bug-free playing conditions to be accessible until tomorrow or potentially even the next 2-3 days. Though the first impression of the GTA Online was more frustrating than it was positive, I can already tell it is gonna be a real winner when the online is fully functional and running properly. Stay tuned for more information about GTA Online in the coming days as the Rockstar continually works on fixing the issue.

Update: As of last night, RockStar seemed to get their server issue fixed and the vast majority of players were able to access and enjoy the GTA Online component. However, aspects like the Social Club including Crew management was still very buggy and will likely need a few more days to even out.