Gran Turismo 6 And Need For Speed Rivals Will Feature New BMW M4 And Ford Mustang (Video)

For the past few weeks, there has been a lot of buzz circulating throughout the automotive world about the new BMW M4 and Ford Mustang models. Both had been leaked on popular online automotive platforms ahead of schedule leaving fans with an eager desire for their 2014 release. Though many are excited about the new models most will never have a chance to drive them due to their high price. This may be an issue of the past for gamers due to a recent announcement from two popular game develoeprs.

It has been confirmed that both Grand Turismo 6 and Need for Speed Rivals will allow gamers a chance to experience a strong implementation of  these vehicles into the new titles. By working extensively with the manufacturers, developers presented accurate, detailed similarities of the cars to make it possible for gamers to simulate what it would be like behind the driver's seat of these coveted 2014 models. Both titles will offer the cars via a free digital download preventing the need to pull out your wallet which is always a nice gesture on their part.

Need For Speed Rivals and Gran Turismo 6 are both recently released titles and are now available for purchase.

Via: Engadget
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