GoPro Plans To Release Their Own Quadcopter In Early 2016

Nick Woodman has taken his revolutionary idea from a simple concept to a full-fledged business that is booming to the tune of $1.4B in revenue this past year. While the company has been focused strictly on producing their Hero line of portable cameras, it appears the company may begin building their own hardware to support these cameras as well.

According to a recent interview, Woodman has officially confirmed rumors that the brand will produce their own quadcopter that is set to be released in early 2016. While there isn't much else we know about this situation right now, it makes sense for the company to jump into the market as competing brands like DJI, Parrot, and 3D Robotics have been raking in tens of millions of dollars selling companion drones that support use with the GoPro Hero line.

If everything goes according to plan, we might see the GoPro quadcopter unveiled at CES 2016, and I'd expect the pricing to be juicy enough to lure consumers away from the competition.

Source: The Verge