GoPro Recalling ‘Karma’ Drone System Just 16 Days After Launch

After only 16 days on the market, GoPro recalls their first-ever drone over safety concerns. Under the recall terms, there are only 2,500 Karma units that have shipped since its October 23rd launch and all are affected.

The reason for the recall has to do with a random loss of power during flight in a “very small number of cases, ” and fortunately there have been no reports of injuries or property damage from this defect (unlike Samsung's washer recall).

Those who currently have a Karma drone in their possession can return it to GoPro directly or from whichever retailer they purchased from in exchange for a full refund. There is not an exchange option available for those looking to get their hands on a non-defective unit right away, but GoPro says that Karma shipments will resume as soon as the defect is properly resolved.

Via: The Verge