GoPro Announces An Even Smaller ‘Hero 4 Session’

The GoPro Hero 4 has been one of the best-selling action cameras of all time with a tremendous set of features including 4K and up to 240fps slow motion while maintaining a 720P resolution. The company has dominated the action cam space with their devices being used to capture unique shots within many mainstream television shows and even displaying live POV broadcasts during this year's X Games.

Earlier today, an unexpected announcement was made from the company concerning a new action cam model which ditches the traditional design taken from the previous generations and harnesses an all-new redesign that no longer requires a bulky waterproof housing.

The newly titled Hero 4 Session is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than a traditional GoPro. With the decreased bulkiness, the Session is ideal for mounting in tight spaces a situation that sometimes became an issue with previous generations. With the smaller size, the body offers only a single button with the vast majority of the customization being done through the GoPro mobile companion app. Another major difference from previous generations includes a non-removable rechargable battery which may become a potential issue on a long shoot.

Unlike the Hero 4 Black or Silver Editions, the Hero 4 Session does not allow for any 4K support with full 1080P HD delivery up to 60fps and 720P HD up to 100 fps. With a focus on something like action sports, the need for 4K support isn't all that necessary at this point in time so the Hero 4 Session's small size will typically make up for its lack of resolution potential.

Priced at $399, the Hero 4 Session comes with the new ball joint buckle that is highly versatile and supports most existing GoPro mounting accessories.

Via: No Film School
Source: GoPro