Google’s Next Chromebook Could Offer Its Voice Assistant

The Google Assistant is the Big G's response to Apple's ‘Siri, ‘ and it is an excellent tool for convenience. Found on mobile devices and through Google Home, the Assistant still hasn't made its way to computers (at least not natively). In Mac OS Sierra, Apple introduced native Siri support allowing users to access its functionality with the press of a button.

With an October 4th press event planned for Google, their rumored Pixelbook may be the first laptop to offer native Assistant support. The team over at 9to5Google have spotted multiple references to Google Assistant making its way to the Chromebook sector via blocks of code and compatibility lists.

There is no confirmation of either the Pixelbook being announced or it natively supporting Assistant come October 4th, but the only thing we can do is sit patiently and see what happens.

Via: Engadget
Photo Credit: Flickr/Luis Roca