Google Glass Mirror API Now Open To All Developers

Google's Glass device is a unique product unlike virtually every other product on the market which is likely why most developers haven't put much focus on creating apps for the device. Up until today, Google had locked down their Glass Mirror API strictly for developers whom had purchased a Google Glass Explorer unit.

However, all developers are now able to use the Glass API regardless if they own an Explorer unit or not. This move from Google will hopefully spark an influx of new Glass apps to be developed as the current offerings are slim to say the least. Regardless, of the app shortage, the Glass has an unbelievable amount of potential and it will be exciting to see what new developers can come up.

Google's next point of action should be to open up their “Glassware” directory as only a select few have been approved up until this point. Who knows how many Glassware apps are already exist yet aren't being utilized simply because Glass owners do not know about them.

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Source: TechCrunch