We have touched upon the official announcement regarding Google Glass in the past, but today was the first day that non Google employees were able to take home their own Google Glass units.

Google-Glass-Unboxing-600x799These units were known as the ‘Explorer Edition' and come standard with:

  • Google Glass unit
  • Micro-usb cable
  • A USB wall adapter (for charging purposes)
  • An extra nosepad
  • A larger sized nosepad
  • A carrying case
  • A clear visor
  • A tinted visor


It is important to note that these units were not from the official Twitter #ifihadglass contest. Instead, these initial units are first offered to those who attended the Google I/O 2012. According to an email from Google, 2,000 Glass units already shipped to a portion of these attendees who had previously committed to testing the $1,500 device. It won't be until after all the Google I/O attendees get their units that the chosen #ifihadglass recipients will receive the units they are entitled to as well as the need to cough up $1,500 in order to receive their units.

Here are some videos of the Google Glass unboxed and in use:

Via: Engadget
Source: LifeWithGlass