Google Glass Finally Gets Prescription Glasses In Four Styles (Video)

Ever since Google Glass has hit the market, interested buyers have begged for prescription lenses that work with the revolutionary device. Google heard this plea and made a public statement vowing to offer prescription glass lens support in early 2014. While the day has finally come as 2 day ago, Google unveiled the “Titanium Collection” is comprised of 4 new frames and 2 new shades for Glass. While this is great news for many consumers who have waited for this type of announcement, you'll be paying a premium price tag ($225) for the new accessories.

The four frame styles include Curve, Thin, Split, and bold with all styles being crafted from titanium. The frames will attach to the Glass unit via several small screws and installation shouldn't be too much of a hassle. Google managed all the new designs in-house and put their focus on simplicity. Explorers are now able shop for the new frames and VSP (the largest optical health insurance provider in the US) is working with Google to offer subsidized frames and lenses for qualified consumers.

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